When Krsna arranged Jarasandha to be killed by the mighty Bhima,the imprisoned kings were very happy. They constituted more than 50% of kings of India.  These kings became friends with Yudhisthira.  So the next step for the  Rajasuya sacrifice became easy, which was  to be establishing Yudhisthira’s supremacy over everyone else.
Krsna knew  whom to befriend and whom to beat . One dead monkey on a pole ensured that the rest of them became sober and came under the control of  Yudhisthira.
Another similar king was Chhtrapati Shivaji. Shivaji was a master strategist. He went to meet Afzal khan, apparently for peace talks and future friendship, but Shivaji very clearly knew that Afzal khan wanted to terminate him.
Shivaji waited for the perfect opportunity and sent him to other world. He also captured the Khan’s wealth. This was one of the major turning points in establishing his Svarajaya, self rule.
Shivaji had in built strategy inspired by Mahabharata, and a great character influenced by Ramayana.
Learn to be strategic.


Shivaji was sweet and shrewd; slow and swift.