Sri Krishna has a flute to enchant, and stick to implement discipline.
He has chakra for cutting, and lotus flower for putting confidence in the afflicted.
Life is a combination of law and love. We have both Duryodhana and Yudhisthira within us.When we start behaving like Duryodhana, we experience  life chakra coming and giving us back in the form of reaction, that is Krishna’s chakra or stick.When we lean towards Yudhisthira like behavior, then we receive  assurance from the lotus flower, and hear Krsna’s flute-play; and harmony reigns.
Since we have conflicting personalities, we need both, love to give us confidence and law to make us disciplined.  Love without discipline makes us pampered, and law without love creates uninhabited death and destruction.  This is the concept of real governance, care and carefulness.

This is what Hindusim represents, balance between punishment and pure affection.