Numerically Kurus were stronger than the Pandavas during the battle of Kurukshetra. According to democratic calculations the Pandavas had no chance of winning even with Krishna  on their side, Hanuman on their flag, and the great chariot given to Arjuna by the fire god.
But Sanjay  confidently told Dhritharasthra, “Your sons have no chance, because Truth is on the other side, and wherever there is  truth; victory, morality, prosperity and stability is guaranteed.” This  was a pre-poll analysis by Sanjay and it was spot on.

Victory ought to be viewed not from one perspective or a limited time zone, rather from wholesome perspective.Therefore the Upanishadas say, SATYAM EVA HI JAYATE,  Not simply truth will prevail, but truth certainly prevails.

What is that wholesomeness, is it only power? Rather it is a wheel of four, Satisfaction in doing once own duty(Dharma), Intellectual, sensual, emotional gain(Artha), Fulfillment of one’s desire without disturbance of dharma(Kama) and all of them together leads to continued freedom not only in other worlds but also in this world.(Moksa)
Such a person is bound to be victorious. One must follow the example of such personalities.