Surpankha approched Rama as she wanted to enjoy him. She went to the extent of trying to kill Sita, so that she could have Rama all to herself. When she was forced to flee by Laxmana, she went to Ravana and twisted the whole tale.  She said,  “I was amazed to see the beautiful Sita with two skinny forest dwellers and I wanted to bring her to you for your pleasure alone, because you are the only one who deserves her. And just see what they have done to me for being a selfless servant of yours. Please do something about this, and get your hands on Sita and be happy.”
In fact Shurpanakha had told Rama that, Sita was skinny and useless, and she would unable to satisfy him, and only she, Shurpanakha could fulfill all his desires. She contorted the story to use for her selfish motives.
Does it ring any bells? When we read and see the bearers of truth and upholders of free speech, the journalists, paying foul with the real story, and fooling the public, it is very unfortunate.  This only creates havoc, like Shurpankha. She sowed the seed to destroy the prosperity of Lanka and destroy hundreds and thousands of soldiers.  Similarly falsity will kill integrity and cause mayhem in public life.
Find some honest reporters and follow them to understand true politics.
 Be aware of the Surpankha like reports, which can sow the seed of destruction of our discriminative intelligence.
Falsity soars high and eventually crashes with a thud. Truth moves slowly and surely to its destination of reality and transparency.