None of the monkeys were able to decide who would jump across the ocean to find Sita’s whereabouts.  Eventually Jambhavana saw Hanuman sitting in the corner without speaking.  Jambhavana decided to approach him and remind him of his potential. Sure enough, Hanumana, from being frozen in the corner flew across the mighty ocean and eventually gave the message of hope, to Sita And subsequently made Sri Rama very happy with the news that Sita had been found.
All praise went to Hanumana, was it an injustice to Jambhavana?
Mothers, teachers, ministers and selfless facilitators, are like Jambhavana. Only such selfless personalities can create the mighty Hanumana. If these very people compete with and try to pull down the potential Hanumana, there will be no Hanumana and Jambhavanas; we will only have mobs. A mob is a multi-headed monster without a brain or any discriminatory power.